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2-20-2013 Wow, time flies when you're having kids, jobs, and other influences which deplete time from projects. As a small consolation I am providing a link to the last beta from 2010 that was compiled. Going foward I am considering working on finishing the project in the spirit of the NES using the assets created for the game here but doing a mobile APP for IOS/Android. Any interest? Respond to this discussion thread on Reddit if so. Here is a link to the game demo, press select to cycle through beta weapon types, double jump is on by default, and wander the city and see what you can find, there are 3-4 different areas to discover. Download the demo !here!

9-9-2007 Here is a link to the latest video on Youtube, Neotoxin Latest Test Video

9-9-2007 I'm still working on Neotoxin, the multi question and conditional based scripting engine was implemented recently, so now we can do cool things like quests, inventory management, and choose your path style stuff so when a npc asks you to do something, you can get choices of what to do or say that may slightly or greatly impact how you complete the game.

09-09-2007 There is a new video up illustrating some of the new game features, such as NPC's and Multiple question choices. Only the first link has the new video, the second link is broken anyway.

08-8-2007 EFX here, Snowbro and I are both attempting to put some time and effort into Neotoxin lately. I have been stealing a few hours a week away from my family to try and finish up the greatest NES homebrew project of all time. So far I am working on adding the NPC's, Script, and adding more levels and enemies. I have two people now that are working on graphics, but they are often busy. So if anyone else is out there that can draw graphics of similar quality to Neotoxin's existing ones, contact me.

07-20-2007 I'm looking for 8-bit graphics artists for drawing sprites and cutscene cinema pictures. Contact me at if you are interested. I can provide an example CHR file for a cutscene, and a chr of some sprites that are being used currently.

07-14-2007 Snowbro lives, that is all the info I have right now though...

05-16-2006 Unfortunately the project is once again on ice. I have lost all contact with Snowbro and he is the heart, soul and main contributor to this project. All we can do is hope he reads this and gets back in touch with me soon. Thank you for checking back we can always hope it might appear on the virtual console homebrew portion of Nintendo's Wii that's come out! :D




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